Anxiety: the Silent Killer!

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Depression consists of up to 70% anxiety symptoms, which include fear-based thoughts (e.g. ‘they will laugh at me if I do that’); an inability to function, constant checking (for example, whether you have secured the house or switched off the oven) and sleep disturbance. There can also be a severe impact on our bodies in terms of raised blood pressure, palpitations, poor breathing and even panic attacks. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and phobias are the most extreme forms of anxiety disorders and can be debilitating to anyone unfortunate enough to have developed such severe issues. As well as being a threat to health, anxiety can ruin even the most simple and pleasurable experiences, impacting on relationships with partners, children and the wider family. But people suffering from anxiety shouldn’t think that they are abnormal: no-one is exempt from the potential of having an anxiety or depressive disorder.

Many people suffer with their anxiety for way too long. It is easy to treat the symptoms and then work on finding out why the anxiety developed in the first place. Initial treatment to reduce anxious symptoms comes in the form of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques and quickly challenges the belief basis for the anxiety/stress. Alongside the CBT work it is essential to really explore the person’s life experiences to see how they were susceptible to having raised anxiety and also what triggers exaggerate their fear and stress. It is all about what is possible to change in that one individual’s life in order to lessen their anxiety. Some changes are simple and logical; others may be more complex and require more work. What everyone needs to know is that once you access appropriate help your life will become unstuck and change for the better. Doing nothing will only perpetuate your situation and may even worsen it.

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